Engineering and implementing Onelake to democratize data across the brand

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About the Client

Driven by a simple belief that the world can always be made better, one of the largest dairy companies began its journey in 2012. With a focus on milk's natural health benefits, the company has specialized in creating delicious, dairy-based products that nourish consumers and fit seamlessly into modern lifestyles.

The company's vision extends far beyond the bottle. By harnessing the power of curiosity and innovation, they strive for more than just delicious dairy—they work to make the world a better place. Proper nourishment is at the core of their mission, allowing people to grow and thrive. Starting with the wholesome simplicity of real cow's milk, they believe in the potential to always make the world better.


The company faced challenges in managing data from various distributors and needed a more efficient way to report and analyze data.

With the help of Satori Reporting, a Microsoft Power BI partner, the company implemented an enterprise-grade data warehouse and Power BI data model for Oracle NetSuite. They integrated various data sources, including Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and SQL(as well as MSSQL), all on Azure.

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The implementation allowed the company to organize and track development efforts, reduce load time by 95% with incremental refresh, and enable secure sharing of data with external partners. The company also utilized Power BI features like Power BI apps, low-level security, and perspectives to make it easier for end-users to build their own reports.

The case study also highlights the company's reporting journey, focusing on creating insights with a story-driven narrative, intuitive design, and elegant visuals. The company developed various reports for different purposes, such as senior leadership, internal sales team, void report generator, and visualizing syndicated data from Nielsen.

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Conclusion & Results

Better Decisions


Faster CRO Decisions



  1. Utilizing Technology for Efficiency: The implementation of Power BI and Azure solutions transformed the company's data management, making it more efficient and user-friendly. It's a testament to how technology can streamline complex processes and enable better decision-making.
  2. Customized Reporting for Different Stakeholders: The company's approach to creating different reports for various stakeholders, from senior leadership to sales teams, demonstrates the importance of targeted communication and the role of data in driving actionable insights.