Revolutionizing Digital Identity with an Advanced Biometric Verification System

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Uniqcli spearheaded the development of a groundbreaking identity verification system, revolutionizing the way digital identities are authenticated globally. This system, designed to verify identities from 125 countries in real time, integrates bio-metric verification with real time 3D facial scan and reverse verification using government data, setting a new standard in digital identity security.

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  • Global Identity Verification: Deploy a robust system capable of real-time identity verification across 125 countries.

  • Incorporation of Biometric Technology: Implement biometric verification with real time 3D facial scan to enhance accuracy and security.

  • Reverse Verification with Government Data: Integrate reverse verification processes using reliable government data sources.

  • Compliance with Data Security Standards: Ensure adherence to HIPAA, PCI, and SOC compliance for utmost data protection.


  • Complex Data Integration: Harmonizing data from multiple vendors and government sources for a seamless verification process.

  • Real-Time and Accurate Verification: Developing a system capable of immediate and precise identity verification using biometrics.

  • Maintaining High Compliance Standards: Upholding stringent international data security and privacy standards.


  • AWS Rekognition for Facial Recognition: Utilized AWS Rekognition for advanced facial recognition, enhancing the system's biometric verification capabilities.

  • Amazon Aurora for Secure Data Management: Employed Amazon Aurora for its robust and secure database services, ensuring data integrity and compliance.

  • Biometric and Reverse Verification Technologies: Integrated cutting-edge biometric verification alongside reverse verification methods, cross-referencing government data for authenticity

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Conclusion & Results


Countries for ID Verification


Government ID database Integration


Factors Authentication


Data Silos for Data Isolation


  • Spoof-proof ID Check: Cross reference keyed-in ID number with document data

  • Global Verification Capability: Achieved a comprehensive solution for verifying identities worldwide in real time.

  • Enhanced Security and Accuracy: The integration of biometric and reverse verification methods significantly bolstered the system's security and accuracy.

  • Compliance and Trust: Met all international compliance standards, establishing a high level of trust and reliability in digital identity verification.

  • Provide transparency for users:  Give users control over who their data is shared with and provides answers to common questions on how their data is protected.    

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